Cavepromotor for you Liebherr wine fridge

A Liebherr wine fridge is the most beautiful appliance there is for real wine lovers, but also for not wine lovers. During the monthly meeting of pigeon fanciers in our area, always nice because it is in the village pub and after the formal part is exchanged much informationwhile enjoying a beer, came a nice conversation on about the benefits of a wine fridge. The formal part actually takes far too long, some drivers find themselves rather important and should also like to talk. So…
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A Liebherr WS17800 is made of stainless steel

My friends want in the USA want also a Liebherr WS17800 Vinidor wine cabinet. This is a statement I hear very often when we have visitors. Since we have the Liebherr wine fridge, more and more friends and acquaintances come over. The one because the wine tastes absolutely better than anywhere else and wants to know why. The other because he the wine cooler (one more time) wants to admire. And it must be said, we are…
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