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4 Ways to Know if an Online Shop is Legit

There is a growing fear of online shops today. Due to the rise in internet scams, there are fake stores. There have been reports of internet purchases that were not delivered. There has also been news of the shipping and delivery of counterfeit products.

This is why consumers like you want to know if an online store is good. You want to know if the good deals you find online are true. One of the best ways to discover this is by reading reviews. There are many review sites online today. If you want to know the reputation of a brand, you only need to find a review site and read from them. Aside from this, there are other features you can consider:

  1. Research The Seller or Owner: One of the things you must consider is the seller of the brand. The owner of the brand must be verified. You must consider if the brand is a third-party brand like the brands that sell onAmazon. You must find out its owner by Googling his or her name as well as the company’s name. There are many independent e-commerce websites too. You only need to identify if they are authentic by reading about them online. If you can’t find accurate data about them, you can ask on social media networking sites, to ask your friends.
  2. Find The Contact Information: This is another way to know a legitimate shopping store. Most of them have a physical address of the company, an official phone number, and email addresses. From the “contact us” page, you can identify if they are real or an illicit gang of scammers. If you’re still skeptical about them, you can have your friend at that location visit them. You can even send them an email just to note their language when they respond. If you can’t wait for a response via email, you can call their line to speak with their customer service agent.
  3. Consider their Website Content: There is a practical growth in technology and the education of the use of a computer. People can easily create a professional-looking website even when they are an illicit online store. However, these kinds of websites will not offer rich content which can be consumed by their audience. An illicit brand cannot spare the time to create content and engage in the competition. If they dare, they know they will be called out as soon as it is established that they’re illegitimate. You can also consider the security of their website. Secured websites use HTTPS, not just HTTP.
  4. Their Social Media Links: You can verify a true brand through their activity on social media. Many active brands have a growing social media account where they connect with their customers. By checking them on social media, you can find their posts, see comments, and find out if they are legit or not.

Through researching the seller of an online store, accessing them through the “contact us” page, reading their website content, and checking them on social media, you can identify the legit online shop.